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UNU-FTP 2018 Guest Lecturer

Jingjie Chu
UNU-FTP 2018 guest lecturer is Dr. Jingjie Chu. She is a natural resource economist at the World Bank. Her main expertise is on fisheries and aquaculture economics and policy. At the World Bank she is in charge of West Africa Regional Fisheries Project in Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Read more

UNU-FTP fellow Huong Thi Thu Dang to defend PhD

Huong Thi Thu Dang, UNU-FTP fellow from Vietnam, will defend her PhD thesis entitled “Enhancing the quality of frozen fish products through improved processing and storage” on October 3 at the University of Iceland Main Building at 14:00. Read more

2018 cohort of fellows coming

UNU-FTP is expecting the arrival of the 2018 cohort of fellows in the next few days. This year’s group is one of the biggest ever to start the Six Month Training Programme; 25 people from 16 countries in Oceania, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Read more

Visit with the Mauritanian Ambassador

Ambassador of Mauritania with UNU-FTP staff
On August 29, 2018, UNU-FTP recieved a visit from the Mauritanian Ambassador, the honourable Abdallahi Bah Nagi Kebd. During the meeting, we discussed our ongoing work in Mauritania in connection with the FarFish project, funded through the EU's Horizon 2020 programme, as well as future potential for collaboration on issues related to capacity building for fisheries management and development in Mauritania. Read more

Seattle Highlights

Last week campus of Seattle’s University of Washington was bustling with crowds of cheerful fishery economists of various stocks: Academics, fisheries managers, policy makers, seafood industry members and old UNU-FTP fellows ... Read more



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