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The UNU Fisheries Training Prgramme is a postgraduate training programme that offers training in various areas of the fisheries sector for practicing

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Season's Greetings Almennt 22.12.2017
A less perfect crime Almennt 22.12.2017
Ocean science decade Almennt 23.11.2017
Seeing and experiencing Almennt 10.11.2017
Ray Hilborn: Status of Fish Stocks Almennt 27.10.2017
United Nations for 72 years Almennt 26.10.2017
More exciting lectures Almennt 14.09.2017
Ray Hilborn lectures tomorrow Almennt 13.09.2017
Celebrating with former fellows Almennt 11.09.2017
The 2017 UNU-FTP fellows are arriving Almennt 08.09.2017
Visit from the Namibian ambassador Almennt 07.09.2017
Reschedule of the Hilborn Lectures Almennt 31.08.2017
Visit from the Sri Lankan ambassador Almennt 31.08.2017
Ray Hilborn is UNU-FTP guest lecturer 2017 Almennt 29.08.2017
Visit from the Iranian ambassador Almennt 25.08.2017
Two new employees Almennt 22.08.2017
Visit from Indonesia Almennt 17.08.2017
Kick Off meeting with UNU-FTP and partners in FarFish, EU Horizon 2020 project Almennt 22.06.2017
UNU-FTP announces voluntary commitments at UN Oceans Conference on SDG 14 Almennt 07.06.2017
UNU-FTP fellow Godfrey Kawooya Kubiriza to defend PhD Almennt 15.05.2017
UNU-FTP attends FAO conference dialogue on Blue Growth in Africa Almennt 10.05.2017
UNU short course on improved fish smoking in Kigoma, Tanzania Almennt 25.04.2017
Congratulations UNU-FTP fellows, 2016/17 Almennt 15.03.2017
UNU-FTP fellow Chrisphine Nyamweya to defend PhD at the University of Iceland Almennt 27.01.2017
Welcome UNU-FTP Guest Lecturer, Dr. Barry Costa-Pierce Almennt 16.01.2017
UNU-FTP fellows in Russia meet with Ambassador Almennt 16.11.2016
UNU-FTP Fellows visit Icelandic North Almennt 19.10.2016
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon visits UNU Iceland Programmes Almennt 10.10.2016
Welcome UNU-FTP fellows 2016-17 Almennt 23.09.2016
Fellow M. M. Mahbub Alam to defend PhD thesis at University of Iceland Almennt 29.08.2016



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