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The UNU Fisheries Training Prgramme is a postgraduate training programme that offers training in various areas of the fisheries sector for practicing

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Quality management: Presentation of fellows' final projects 19.02.2018
Sustainable aquaculture: Presentation of fellows' final projects 19.02.2018
Stock assessment and fishing gear technology: Presentation of fellows' final projects 16.02.2018
Developing countries' challenges to fisheries 16.02.2018
UNU launches Sustainable Development Explorer 23.01.2018
Year at a glance 29.12.2017
Season's Greetings 22.12.2017
A less perfect crime 22.12.2017
Ocean science decade 23.11.2017
Seeing and experiencing 10.11.2017
Ray Hilborn: Status of Fish Stocks 27.10.2017
United Nations for 72 years 26.10.2017
More exciting lectures 14.09.2017
Ray Hilborn lectures tomorrow 13.09.2017
Celebrating with former fellows 11.09.2017
The 2017 UNU-FTP fellows are arriving 08.09.2017
Visit from the Namibian ambassador 07.09.2017
Reschedule of the Hilborn Lectures 31.08.2017
Visit from the Sri Lankan ambassador 31.08.2017
Ray Hilborn is UNU-FTP guest lecturer 2017 29.08.2017
Visit from the Iranian ambassador 25.08.2017
Two new employees 22.08.2017
Visit from Indonesia 17.08.2017
Kick Off meeting with UNU-FTP and partners in FarFish, EU Horizon 2020 project 22.06.2017
UNU-FTP announces voluntary commitments at UN Oceans Conference on SDG 14 07.06.2017
UNU-FTP fellow Godfrey Kawooya Kubiriza to defend PhD 15.05.2017
UNU-FTP attends FAO conference dialogue on Blue Growth in Africa 10.05.2017
UNU short course on improved fish smoking in Kigoma, Tanzania 25.04.2017
Congratulations UNU-FTP fellows, 2016/17 15.03.2017
UNU-FTP fellow Chrisphine Nyamweya to defend PhD at the University of Iceland 27.01.2017



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