Fish Quality, Processing, and Marketing 2013

The UNU Fisheries Training Prgramme is a postgraduate training programme that offers training in various areas of the fisheries sector for practicing

Fish Quality, Processing, and Marketing 2013

for the Artisinal fisheries sector


2013 (6 days)



Participants Men Women Total
- 28 2 30

UNU Representatives

  • Margeir Gissurarson

General topics

  • Quality Management in Fish Handling and Processing


  • Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KEMFRI)
  • Kenyan Coastal Development Project (KCDP)
  • Kenyan State Department of Fisheries
  • Matis - Food Research and Innovation Institute

Target group

Training of trainers


The aim of the course was to make the extension work of district fisheries officers with local fishermen and coastal fishing communities more effective. The participants were trained to evaluate the quality of fish, as well as how to handle and process fish to maintain its quality and furthermore the importance of quality and safety for the marketing of fish to increase the nutritional and monetary value of the product in the context of the value chain of the fish, from the fishermen to the consumers.

The course was developed by MATIS (Food Research Institute in Iceland), KEMFRI (Kenya), FiD (Kenya) and ICEIDA (Uganda) and financially supported by UNU-FTP and the Kenyan Coastal Development Project.

The course length was 6 days in total, and was attended by 30 participants (28 men and 2 women). The participants were from Mombasa county, Kwale county, Kilifi county, Tana River county and Lamu county.

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