Fish smoking and drying on Lake Tanganyika 2015

The UNU Fisheries Training Prgramme is a postgraduate training programme that offers training in various areas of the fisheries sector for practicing

Fish smoking and drying on Lake Tanganyika 2015


2015 (6 days)



Participants Men Women Total
Tanzania 26 13 39

UNU Representatives

  • Sigurjon Arason
  • Margeir Gissurarson

General topics

  • Quality Management in Fish Handling and Processing


  • Matis - Food Research and Innovation Institute
  • Tanzanian Fisheries Research Institute (TFRI)

Target group

Processors, BMU leaders, Fisheries Officers


This course was offered August 24-29, 2015 at the Tanzanian Fisheries Research Institute (TAFIRI) in Kigoma, Tanzania. The course was developed and delivered as part of a Nordic Climate Facility project awarded to Matis. This project aims to reduce greenhouse gases and deforestation related to food processing in sub-Saharan Africa. Through this project, Matis designed a drying and smoking kiln for fish that drastically reduces the amount of firewood used in the smoking process. The UNU-FTP is a partner in the project, covering the cost of one fellowship for the six month training in Iceland, and for two short courses to be offered in Tanzania. This is the first of those courses.

The six-day course was divided into two parts with distinct target groups. There were fisheries officers who took part all six days. In addition to the fisheries officers, participants the first three days were end users including processors and Beach Management Unit (BMU) leaders.  The second part of the course targeted the fisheries officers, TAFIRI staff, and teachers from the VETA vocational school, responsible for constructing the kilns.

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