Management of Small Scale Aquaculture Enterprises 2011

The UNU Fisheries Training Prgramme is a postgraduate training programme that offers training in various areas of the fisheries sector for practicing

Management of Small Scale Aquaculture Enterprises 2011


2011 (10 days)



Participants Men Women Total
- 14 10 24

UNU Representatives

  • Helgi Thorarensen
  • Pall Jensson
  • Arnthor Gustavsson

General topics

  • Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Company Management


  • Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique
  • Holar University College, Iceland
  • National Institute for Aquaculture Development (INAQUA), Mozambique
  • University of Reykjavik, Iceland


In recent years there has been an increasing interest in Mozambique to develop small scale aquaculture. This course was developed in collaboration with INAQUA and Eduardo Mondlane University (EMU). The primary objective of the course was to provide support for aquaculture education in Mozambique, specifically the MSc program in EMU.

The course material was prepared in cooperation with teachers at EMU and INAQUA. Meetings were held both in Iceland and Mozambique to prepare the course lectures.

The course was divided into four modules:

Module I: Planning, designing, and constructing a successful small scale commercial fish farm

Module II: Best management practices of fish farms

Module III: Farm Economics and Business Plans

Module IV: Final project – Project - Writing an application to INAQUA.



Fisheries training programme
Skulagata 4
IS - 121 Reykjavik,Iceland